About us

World Class Plywoods Since 1994

For over two decades, we’ve consistently delivered quality plywood products to a large base of satisfied customers who can endorse our commitment to unrivalled excellence.

Our Core Commitment


When it comes to quality, we guarantee it! Our confidence spurs from our attention to details in every aspect of manufacturing right from procurement to delivery. We leave no stone unturned in acquiring the most efficient plant and machinery available in the market. Our in-house Advanced Resin Technology (ARTechnology) is the most prolific binding material available – making us a truly innovative and sustainable plywood manufacturing company in the country.


We build products that stand the test of time. Whether it’s the scorching heat or persistent rain and snow, our eco-friendly solutions can endure the extremes of temperatures and still come out unscathed. Today, 30% of interiors comprise of some form of plywood; therefore it is essential for your interiors to stay devoid of harmful microorganisms. Our Anti-borer Technology is infused into the core of the plywood – leaving no room for termite or borer infestations.

Our Production Line:

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit houses the most efficient machinery and technology available. All our processes go through stringent scrutiny until it in strict compliance with the benchmarks that we set for quality. Our manufacturing unit is the backbone of our entire production at Oswin Ply and we ensure that we keep upgrading ourselves to the latest in technology and processes – making us the pinnacle of progression.

Our Team:

A quality conscious culture is something that we have trained and ingrained into every individual that works with us. We make sure that every product that leaves our factory is human-tested in iterative cycles to ensure there is no deterrent of any sort. We’re obsessed about quality and ensure that every craftsman, designer, architect and domestic end-user experiences the very best of man-made wood.

We Guarantee


  • Internationally Certified Products
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions
  • Strong Customer Service
  • In-House Manufactured Products