Plywood: Making interiors beautiful, and strong from within

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Plywood is ideal for interior wood work due to its innate qualities of strength, flexibility and versatility. The numerous layers of Plywood are engineered and bonded together to form a stronger and flexible alternative to conventional solid wood. Additionally, being a good insulator, Plywood is highly energy efficient when used for interiors and gives excellent results when used in acoustics. Research has shown that use of wood alongside other natural effects such as flowing water, indoor plants drastically reduces stress levels and thus Plywood has in recent times become an essential part of interior decors in the Hospitality and healthcare sectors.

Interior Plywood work can be majorly categorized into three distinct utilities.

Decorative Plywood work – They have very little to no movement and are usually worked upon to get various shapes, bends and textures to improve the visual aesthetics. They are usually used as a backdrop for mounting decorative fixtures. Bendable Plywood like Flexi Ply is ideal for these kinds of usages. Partitions, Showcases, Television Cabinets etc. are popular examples of Decorative Plywood work.

Functional Plywood work – They usually have one or more moving parts and are hence prone to wear and tear. The Plywood used for these works are usually M.R. Grade Plywood (Moisture Resistant) and B.W.R Grade Plywood (Boiling Water Resistant or Proof). Apart from Heat resistance, Waterproofing and Anti Termite & Borer protection, these creations are usually given an additional layer of protection using veneers and laminates. Doors, Almirahs, Modular Kitchen, Wardrobes etc. are popular examples of Functional Plywood work.

Performance Plywood work – are expected to deliver high levels of yield strength to maintain structural integrity and uniform displacement of weight. Marine Grade and Hardwood Plywood are ideal picks for these kind of requirements. As these may come in direct contact with skin, choosing a brand that ensures proper treatments against waterproofing, rotting and skin sensitivity are a must. Furniture, Flooring, Sub Flooring etc. are popular usage categories of Performance Plywood work.

A variety of techniques like Sanding with different grades of sandpaper, Coating with primers, wood stains & paints and finally Polishing with varnish and lacquer are used to get the perfect finished look on Plywood used for Interior Decors.

Made of renewable resources, Plywood is one of the most environment friendly and sustainable  materials that one can use to create a beautiful living and work space.