Block Boards

Your search for ply ends here. Namma ply, Nambikaiyana ply.

Block Boards – Eternal Value:

A cost-effective alternative to marine grade plywood, block boards are ideally suited for a host of interior and exterior woodwork that requires longer, stiffer and non-bendable sturdy sheets of wood, be it for furniture, bookshelves, panels, wardrobes, door panels, partition walls and more.

Our block boards are made from imperiously selected kiln-seasoned hardwood veneers, bound together under high temperatures and pressure using our in-house manufactured superior resin, ARTechnology – giving it improved insulation properties and everlasting dimensional stability even when exposed to humid conditions.

Every sheet of wood we process is made indestructible through chemical impregnation – giving you guaranteed freedom from termites and borers.


    Interior Grade Block Board
  • Bonded together by superior grade MUF Technology.
  • Can resist warm-water for up to 8 hours.
  • Exterior Grade Block Board
  • Bonded together by our ARTechnology.
  • 108 hours boiling water proof at 100ºC




Advanced Resin

Eco-friendly Practices



Borer Free


Standard Sizes (In mtrs)

  • 8x4 , 7x4 , 6x4 , 5x4 , 8x3 ,7x3 ,6x4

Thickness (In mm)

  • 19, 25, 30, 35, 40 & 45


Maintaining the highest calibre of strength, endurance and quality involves a stringent manufacturing process where there’s focus on every detail starting from our careful selection of the finest timber from global markets.

The selected veneers are further refined and pressed under high temperatures, and then carefully bonded together by our factory-made superior grade resin - ARTechnology, resulting into a product which is dimensionally stable, structurally strong, exceptionally durable and has superior nail holding capacity.

A true mark of quality is our assurance towards longevity. Our proven anti-borer technology eliminates any risk of damage caused by micro-organisms, be it termites, rot or fungus.

Our waterproofed plywood coupled by a special vacuum pressure impregnation process, where preservatives are infused into the plywood during the manufacturing process, ensures that termites and borers are eliminated from the outset and throughout the life cycle of the product.

At Oswin Ply, quality standards are more than just a protocol – it is an inherent part of our culture.

We conform to ISI and ISO 9001:2015 standards to enable a quantitative and qualitative approach to production – where each and every process is monitored and scrutinized to make sure that we roll out only the finest plywood products available.