Oswin Shuttering Ply

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Oswin Shuttering Ply – Reinforced Durability

Popularly used as a casting agent during construction, Oswinply’s range of Film Faced Shuttering Ply is in compliance to every specification laid down under IS 4990:1993 (the plywood manifesto for maintaining quality standards).

Built to withstand weight, moisture, and temperature, the plywood is treated with preservatives via our vacuum pressure impregnation process to ensure that there are several additional characteristics infused into the core of the plywood including preservatives to eliminate micro-organisms, renewed strength, stabilized dimensions, water resistance, etc.

Oswinply film faced shuttering plywood puts durability to the test. Under most circumstances, the plywood can be repeatedly used over and over again barring extreme cases of wear and tear during handling, use, stripping and storing.




Advanced Resin

Eco-friendly Practices



Borer Free



  • Dimension, mm
    +6mm,-0 mm²
  • a) Length
    +3mm,-0 mm²
  • b) Width
  • c) Thickness = Squareness
  • Edge straightness
    0.2 %
  • Workmanship and Finish
  • Moisture Content,  IS 1734 (P-1)

Glue adhesion strength in dry state IS 1734 (P-4)

  • i) Glue shear strength, N
  • a) Average
    1350 N
  • b) Minimum individual
    1100 N
  • ii) Adhesion of Plies (Knife Test)
    Min. Pass Standard

Resistance to Water (After 72hr boiling), N

  • i) Glue shear strength, N
  • a) Average
    1000 N
  • b) Minimum individual
    800 N
  • ii) Adhesion of Plies (Knife Test)
    Min. Pass Standard

Resistance to Micro-organisms, N

  • i) Glue shear strength, N
  • a) Average
    1000 N
  • b) Minimum individual
    800 N
  • ii) Adhesion of Plies (Knife Test)
    Min. Pass Standard

Tensile strength,  N/mm²

  • i) Parallel to the face grain
    32.5 N/mm²
  • ii) Perpendicular to the face grain
    22.5 N/mm²
  • iii) Sum of the tensile strengths (i+ii)
    60.0 N/mm²
  • Retention of preservative chemicals
    Min. 12 Kg/m³
  • Modulus of Elasticity
    8000 N/mm²


Maintaining the highest calibre of strength, endurance and quality involves a stringent manufacturing process where there’s focus on every detail starting from our careful selection of the finest timber from global markets.

The selected veneers are further refined and pressed under high temperatures, and then carefully bonded together by our factory-made superior grade resin - ARTechnology, resulting into a product which is dimensionally stable, structurally strong, exceptionally durable and has superior nail holding capacity.

A true mark of quality is our assurance towards longevity. Our proven anti-borer technology eliminates any risk of damage caused by micro-organisms, be it termites, rot or fungus.

Our waterproofed plywood coupled by a special vacuum pressure impregnation process, where preservatives are infused into the plywood during the manufacturing process, ensures that termites and borers are eliminated from the outset and throughout the life cycle of the product.

At Oswin Ply, quality standards are more than just a protocol – it is an inherent part of our culture.

We conform to ISI and ISO 9001:2015 standards to enable a quantitative and qualitative approach to production – where each and every process is monitored and scrutinized to make sure that we roll out only the finest plywood products available.