Value for money. Assurance & Endurance


When it comes to plywood -
Quality shouldn’t be measured,
it should be assured!

At Oswin Ply, we guarantee quality of the highest grade by conforming to International standards. Our quality conscious management ensures that every product is thoroughly inspected from the inside-out. We roll-out products only if it is defect free, precisely uniform and marked with quality assurance certificates.

Proof of Quality
in Every Ply

Oswin Ply is an ISO 9001:2015
certified company with each of our
products following specific
ISI standards

Advantage of conforming to International Standards

Quality Management System

Aligning to International standards allows us to embrace a quality management system, where every single process garners quantifiable results – making sure products that have defects are screened out during the initial phase.

Constant Quality Audits

We conduct periodic audits of processes, machinery, plants, etc - this allows us to ensure that every single apparatus used; from a switch to a heavy duty machinery; is always in excellent working condition.

Best Pricing

We strive to be the most affordable plywood manufactures, by following international standards we reduce waste and optimize production cost – allowing us to re-evaluate our pricing scheme.

Customer-centric Business Values

We strictly adhere to the ISO-9001 model, which is built upon laying primary focus on meeting customer needs in order to validate sustained business success.

Quality Marked

Products are inked with appropriate certifications as a mark of guarantee that each product has undergone the most stringent tests and have officially been endorsed for its quality.